Paul Garabed

I’m Paul, co-founder and the guitarist. I feel the same way Michael Jordan feels about basketball, except I am not even close to being a Michael Jordan. I hit the gym every now then, I play basketball weekly, and I let cigars poison my blood every once in a while. I believe we mentioned that three of the band members are vegan and we’re four. You know what am saying right?

  1. Leh Ya Hana Arnabeat 4:33
  2. Batwannes Bik Medley Cover Arnabeat 5:12
  3. SanferloIt Wasnt Me Medley Cover Arnabeat 2:41
  4. Up Up Coldplay Medley Cover Arnabeat 4:06
  5. Al Helm Al ArabyWe Are the World medley cover Arnabeat 3:46