From 4 flatmates singing ballads to their friends around campfires, to the stage beasts giving their fans the time of their life, Arnabeat came a long way in record time.

With each of its members – Paul Garabed, Hisham Hallak, Charbel Nacouz and Eli Elijah – versed in their own background and style of music, Arnabeat quickly distinguished themselves with their unparalleled talent at remixing and rearranging oriental and western classics into memorable medleys, which allowed them to break out of Beirut’s underground music scene into the highways of mainstream local and regional charts, uncontested in their unique genre.


Arnabeat’s reputation spread like wildfire across the Arab world after their hit “Leh Ya Hana” made it to the top charts in the Middle East and North Africa, with the official music video reaching millions of views across several platforms, and receiving exceptional reviews and feedback. The loyal crowds have since followed the band on stage across Lebanon, Dubai, Jordan, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, and other cities in the region.

2018 promises to mark Arnabeat’s next milestone, as the band wraps up its first EP conveniently titled “What the 4?”, in reference to the 4 original tracks written, composed, arranged and produced by the 4 members.

With the aim of reflecting their own cultural backgrounds, Arnabeat’s mission is clear: by fusing together seemingly contrasting styles and genres of music to create awesome blends, they took on the challenge to prove how possible it is not only to celebrate differences but also how beautiful the result of coming together can be.

  1. Leh Ya Hana Arnabeat 4:33
  2. Batwannes Bik Medley Cover Arnabeat 5:12
  3. SanferloIt Wasnt Me Medley Cover Arnabeat 2:41
  4. Up Up Coldplay Medley Cover Arnabeat 4:06
  5. Al Helm Al ArabyWe Are the World medley cover Arnabeat 3:46