Charbel Nacouz

I’m Charbel, pianist, songwriter, arranger, co-founder and lead vocalist of Arnabeat. I prefer notes over letters, which is only how you can understand me. Give me an idea, I’ll make it a melody. Give me a stage, I’ll explain the melody. Give me an audience, they’ll reflect all the energy. But don’t try to limit me, music is powerful in me. Whether a weird noise in a room or a mysterious animal squeaking in nature, any unusual sound would have my curiosity. This keenness for noises made it somehow perfectly natural for me to compose the way I do. I’d also go wherever a plane takes me, wandering about all the beautiful things each place implores me through nature, food and music, of course.

  1. Leh Ya Hana Arnabeat 4:33
  2. Batwannes Bik Medley Cover Arnabeat 5:12
  3. SanferloIt Wasnt Me Medley Cover Arnabeat 2:41
  4. Up Up Coldplay Medley Cover Arnabeat 4:06
  5. Al Helm Al ArabyWe Are the World medley cover Arnabeat 3:46