Hisham Hallak

I’m Hisham Hallak, co-founder of Arnabeat and also song writer, and oriental lead vocalist. I’m a fashion enthusiast. I have a thing for style that gives me a certain rush. The opportunity to shock others, giving them a weird first impression and a certain judgement just because of what you wear or what you like is something i just love. I live with lots of shapes, colors, words, and rythms inside my head. Sometimes I transform my thoughts into a painting, or into a song. And sometimes I would break up with a girl I am dating, I really don’t know how to explain that. But it’s there, I see music in colors, in patterns, as much as I see patterns and colors in music. I see our existence marked by melodies and patterns. Every event in our life leaves us with a certain music in the back of our head and a defined color grade. I tend to be as resourceful as possible so I keep myself extremely busy. To me, being stable and relaxed are two things that should happen after our death not before. So untill then, I have plenty of work to do, plenty of knowledge to catch. And for having the opportunity to do so, I am so grateful and lucky.

  1. Leh Ya Hana Arnabeat 4:33
  2. Batwannes Bik Medley Cover Arnabeat 5:12
  3. SanferloIt Wasnt Me Medley Cover Arnabeat 2:41
  4. Up Up Coldplay Medley Cover Arnabeat 4:06
  5. Al Helm Al ArabyWe Are the World medley cover Arnabeat 3:46